Very first word

Hi there,
On this February’s Sunday I was supposed to go and visit my father and stepmother. I am so excited about the inception of Midst that I gave ice to my family (meaning below the article) .
What is the best subject to write about when your blog has zero readers so, for the moment (I hope), your posts could totally improve your private journal?
Well, I have to admit, it’s a bit hard. I’ve got all the possible emotions, my first blog is up and I know what is next: admiration and criticism. Or maybe criticism and admiration. But if it’s only one of them? This would be extreme!
I am ready for it! Come and admire, compliment, love, criticise, hate, disagree, judge every single word written by me.
I respect people around me who always come across with different perceptions based, of course, on valid arguments. They are the ones teaching me most of the things I know. Not because they are right, neither because I am right, but because there are situations when both of our views on a specific subject are fair. Strange isn’t it ? The most difficult part in this case is to find out what made you think different. What is the reason behind your values and moral laws? And even by getting answers to these doubts, they don’t come with rest and accomplishment, because at the end you will ask yourself the most important questions of them all: Would you have the same perspective in other circumstances? How would you describe the same situation when having his experience and background behind?
All these questions probably have hundreds of answers from hundreds or thousands of reasons and this makes me wonder:
Do we really think, feel and act based on our experiences in the past or these are consequences of our unique unwritten “guidebook” even before we get born, the DNA, even the lives we had before, the experience of our soul?
..unpatient to read your WORD about this
Have a great Sunday.
*giving ice – Romanian slang expression meaning the same thing as ‘not keeping promise’, ‘breaking your word’

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