Theories, Thoughts

Perception vs Reality

Do you ever wonder if what you see is the reality?

I am not sure if I am too insecure of myself, if I am curious or all these doubts about life is a form of getaway from daily routine.

Last days I was talking with my colleague and my lovely friend, Narcisa, about perception and what is wrong with it. She told me:

“People have perception about things even when they didn’t experience them. Their perception depends on what they want to choose as reality, right or wrong. And attention! if your soul is smiling, your perception is not wrong at all!”

Well, this is one of the reasons that make us see the world different. Our souls smile at different things, some of us like to sing, others like to play video games, I like to write, you like to read.. Does this have an effect on our actions? I see war as a threat, you see it as freedom, who is right? Does right or wrong even exist? 

Let’s take as example a t-shirt. The t-shirt is white, simple, short-sleeve, fits with anything: jeans, shorts, skirt and so on. I see it as a nice piece of cloth that can fit to my daily outfit giving me a simple, but at the same time an eye-catching look. To be honest, my white, simple t-shirt is one of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe. Someone else sees it as a home cloth that wouldn’t take it on outside under any circumstances. We see the same product in a different way, but why do we see it both white? Why does not have a different colour too? Or what if we both call it white, but see it distinct? It seems like our perception on things is limited at some point where we get the same abilities of understanding and cognition. But what if the white colour is for real? If a baby grows up learning that instead of  white, that colour is called black, does he see the same colour as me with a different name or he sees black? Does black is a bad colour? What if I think black is elegant? Every time when I wear black and I go to see my grandma, she tells me that I look upset. Usually we wear black when we go to a grave, maybe that’s why some superstitious people develop ‘fear’ for this colour. The point is that our knowledge have a big impact on our perception on something even if we didn’t experience it. But our knowledge is different, therefore our perception is different. In time, we change our mind regarding certain situations or subjects. Why? Because we acquire more information and we realise that knowledge is the one rising or bearing down the boundaries. As more as we know, as more we think. The more we think, the more we wonder and the more we don’t find answers, the more we learn that we do not know anything. Our reality is different, so .. there is no reality. We have our own moral rules of living, but we do get influenced by others in time and everything changes.

I see white all the way. You see black. Tell me this and I will start to see black also. Mind is powerful and we play with it a lot. Play with something powerful and you will get lost if you don’t know how to control it.

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