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Rihanna made it to H..eaven

Yesterday and before that, if I would have heard the name ‘Rihanna’, I would have related it to ‘Pon the reply’, ‘Umbrella’, ‘Rude boy’, ‘Work’, ‘Man down’ and so on.

I am not one of the biggest fans of Rihanna’s music and I think the reason behind this is her rebel attitude in public fighting with my critic and judging point of view. But I need to admit, she has some powerful and impressive songs and one of them would be ‘Unfaithful’ in my opinion.

Today is different. She got my attention and respect. Not only because she was awarded as Harvard University’s Humanitarian of the Year, but because I just found out and felt this part of her through the touching speech that melt my heart:

‘All you need to do is help one person expect nothing in return. For me, this is humanitarian’

‘If you got a dollar, there’s plenty to share’

She started her foundation at 18 years old.

The base of the foundation is related to her grandmother who lost the battle with cancer. Rest in pace.

She gets involved in helping other children in the process of education when she hasn’t finished her studies!

Her main goal is to fight against injustice, inequality, and poverty!

Clara Lionel Foundation:

One more prove that appearances are wrong, wrong               W R O N G !

Rihanna made it to Heaven!

Her full speech:

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