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Brian and Anna Maria CLEMENT

It’s time to write my first post about nutrition.

As I said in my description,  I promote vegan lifestyle, no harm to animals, healthy living, just love.

On 13th of March in Bucharest, Romania, Brian&Anna Maria CLEMENT, director and co-director of Hippocrates Health Institute from West Palm Beach, Florida, will advise us how to live healthier, therefore how to live longer.


Their methods of living are based on spirituality, natural healing and well being. With more than 30 books spread worldwide, both of them stand out through their realistic and rational notions.

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity of participating at the conference and listen to their stories as I will represent DO GOOD ACADEMY, an organisation of which purpose is to promote healthy life leaders, entrepreneurs, environment friendly lifestyle and spirituality at its highest level.


The conference will take place at Caro Hotel (Bucharest, Romania), starting with 10.30am and it will end with a delicious lunch followed by workshop.

The  entry is free for everyone, but it has a limited number of participants.

For registration and more details about lunch/workshop please visit:

Invest in your HEALTH!

See you there!

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