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Promotional offer for happiness

Nowadays time goes fast, work and career matter more than anything else, we struggle to go out for a beer with our friends and we have the impression that we are all happy.

What does happiness mean? At the end, what makes us happy for real? Is it the same thing? Love, family, accomplishment?

We might like to have fun, to read a book, to sing or even to make money, but at a certain moment in life we realise a thing: we all want peace, love, reliability and a big family proud of us, loving us for what we really are deep in our souls.

The only difference between us is the criteria of priorities and this is defined by our length of becoming what we desire or what we think we desire. Now take a moment and try to find out if the way you’re going in this instant moment is the one that makes you feel accomplished, if this way gives you a reason to be happy right now, not tomorrow, not in 5 years. In 5 years, when maybe you will succeed in what you always wished for, you will discover that the feeling is not worth those years never coming back again.

A friend of mine, Giulian Dumitriu, sculptor with the restless life of an artist, told me yesterday something that he’s been told many years ago, maybe at the same age like me:

The age between 20’s and 30’s will go so fast that you’ll not even notice. And here you are at 30 years old having the impression that you’re still in your 20′, still young with maybe the same energy and very proactive. This is when you figure out how fast time goes by, but you still think it’s 10 more years until you’ll get 40, loooong time.

Shortly, you remember about your birthday coming soon, you start counting the years and again, you realise 10 more years have past like the wind, and looking behind you see how much you’ve changed, how the person before is now a far away memory.

I need to link my friend’s view to what my mother told me a few weeks ago when she was very upset with me for acting nervous, bad, being always in a rush:

I help you because I feel accomplished and happy, I help everyone because this is what is left after you will not be anymore on this world, what you do for others. This is what makes you happy even if you don’t realise, not what you struggle to do for yourself. Don’t try to make yourself happy, make others happy and you will feel the freedom. Do it with your whole heart.

So.. what age you now ? 20, 30, 40, 60.. is never too late to realise that every minute matters, so make others happy, make yourself happy! Make sure you get to know the meaning of a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

In my opinion, happiness is defined by these two theories that you can find at the end of the article as videos: ‘A teacher’s life lesson using a jar and some golf balls’ and ‘Fish Love’.

The first video talks about our wrong priorities in life and the other one describes how love can be misunderstood. Our priorities are categorised depending on our perception of happiness, and happiness depends on our vision about love.

Love stands behind everything. You love fish? You love the taste of fish, you do not love fish. Your superficial feeling takes the fish from its natural habitat, kills it and cooks it in order to make you happy. Is this how you love? Is this the perception of love? It’s simple, If you would love fish, you would not eat it. You love yourself.

Now think: in a more moral and spiritual way, do you eat your beloved ones? do they give you want you want? a delicious taste? Do you give unconditionally? Like my mother does..

I love Fish!

The jar of happiness


No matter how full your life would be, there is always time for a couple of beers with your friends.

Be happy!

Have a great weekend!


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