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Not Nirvana, but the delight of permanent love

As Buddha states, Nirvana is the enlightenment, freedom, purification and the permanent happiness. 
To reach Nirvana, you need to give up your feelings, your ideas, memories, thoughts, your beloved ones, perceptions, to get detached of everything in order to purify yourself. 
It’s all about you and your freedom. Loneliness, away from everyone, all that matters is YOURSELF. Does this sound like selfishness? 
I do not deny, Nirvana can be a supreme pleasure and a permanent happiness beyond everything in and out this world. Is true what Buddha says: ‘Pleasure comes together with pain’. We know it. He even answers to our next question: Why? Simple.. Everything has an end, all these actions, feelings, people and things are impermanent.
Buddha says that you can never get into the same river twice. Why? Because the river is in constant change. But Buddha goes even deeper than that. You are also always in change, every second. So you cannot go in the same river twice because in the very next second both, you and the river, have changed. 
In conclusion, according to Buddha and Heraclit, the five aggregates (shape, sensation/emotion, perception, mental activity/formations and consciousness) are impermanent. As a solution to this sad end of our pleasures, Buddha says that we need to be indifferent to everything surrounding us, even love and family. 

Are we prepared for this? Is this simple? Will we give up our families and our life to reach Nirvana, the absolute freedom?

We love our families, we love to do shopping, we love many things and we HAVE PASSIONS. We have this life captive in our own body and it’s not that simple to just follow this practice.

But we can do something else.

Be realistic. Be conscious that everything changes: you change, your beloved ones change, your feelings for one person or another change, people die, your habits change while you get older, you become proficient and get experience with the passing of years.

Be conscious that everything is impermanent and at a certain point it will end. Everything!

Instead of isolating yourself and getting away from all your passions as Buddha says, something we can truly make happen is to accept the change and to collect even more passions. Do everything you like, expand your emotions and activities. Live the moment and when its finished, start with another pleasure. From one pleasure to another. Jump with no suffering. We need to know how to stop the pain even before it has started. 

One pleasure needs to replace another one. Love of something/someone needs to replace the love you feel is ending right now. But take a step forward. Take a look from behind. Be quick in letting go something that doesn’t give you happiness and freedom anymore. Make things happen in a simple way bringing good in everyone’s life. 

We need to learn how to heal ourselves. This is the freedom we can reach while being earth-born or mortal: always in love with something.

Do what you feel, love with no boundaries, but with one condition: Meditate and be conscious that everything comes to an end. Learn how  to jump over suffering  even before you get into it. 

Take some time to make your mind, soul and body run at the same level. 

Take some time to teach your heart and your brain to work as a team in your benefit.




4 thoughts on “Not Nirvana, but the delight of permanent love”

    1. Yes, you’re right. The base of your decisions should be trusting in yourself, but the purpose of life is to live in connection to other souls, not in loneliness. Peace is found where love for the others exists, not for yourself only.


  1. As time as you do good, yes. But in my opinion, the purpose of life means connecting to everything around you, nature, people.. love is what gives us freedom. If someone wants to kill people because it brings satisfaction, of course, I would say that our purpose in life is not exactly what we want.. but the actions delivering peace and well-being to everyone and everything.


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