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Aphea meets the artists

May was all about art. Luxurious Villa Aphea located on Aegina Island, Greece, hosted an amazing art exhibition of two painters, Liviu Mihai and Maria Cismaru and two sculptors, Giulian Dumitriu and Misha Diaconu, all of them endowed with an impressive talent of expressing their emotions, thoughts and experiences through their work.


Sebastien and Sylvie Delen, the owners of the villa, share the same passion for art and came up with this amazing idea of converting their own house into a free entry exhibition for one day. Their strong desire of promoting romanian artists overseas, on the greek lands, was an incredible experience that came true after one year of planning. Being part of the organization together with my colleague and friend, Virgil Busuioc, got me to meet new awesome people and enjoy every moment spent there.


The new brand villa with an infinite swimming pool was the perfect place to expose all the creative work that brought colour and good vibes to art lovers coming from different parts of the world like Greece, Romania, France, Germany, Australia, Italy and many other beautiful places.


Maria Cismaru, the goddess of colour, mother, traveler and painter, amazed the visitors with her strong personality that came out from the pieces of work inspired by her life experiences and also greek culture.


Mihai Liviu, a contemporary artist focusing on human figure, but also finding his inspiration in nature and beautiful landscapes, brought mystery and an obvious, but connecting contrast with Maria’s style.

Misha Diaconu is a strong woman who strikes the metal converting it into musical instruments and her favorite shape, lips. If ‘behind the scenes’ her implication requires hard work, her sculptures can express the femininity hidden in day-to-day life.


Giulian Dumitriu is highlighted by the finesse of his work, the subtlety with which his style brings in positivity and elegance. His shapes are made from bronze fitting very well under the sun waves.


Of course, good, vegan food was not missing thanks to our lovely friend, Massimilliano Domizi, the best vegetarian chef that cooked for all of us healthy recipes with fresh greek greens.


Moments to share:

Liviu at Bucharest Airport wearing an IndyDraw t-shirt. Find more on



Me, Faruk Aksoy, documentary filmmaker/photographer, and Kitty, his wife, two amazing people



Evening capture at the exhibition




Maria and Diana the night before exhibition, preparations



Enjoying the swimming pool



Group pictures




With Loreta Popa , excellent journalist and PR, Maria, Kitty and Massimilliano. All mesmerized by one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen



Landscape in Perdika, Aegina. Unforgettable sunset, colourful island, warm and nice people..



Liviu, Sylvie and Iulia Deme, fashionable /forever young/ mother and artist




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*Villa Aphea is for rent

*For any more information do not hesitate to contact me


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