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Happy children because they are the future

Children’s Day is another reason to offer even MORE attention, love and smile to our children and not only, to all the children. And to us, of course, because we are big children taking care of the actual ones. And you must be truly aware of this fact. We like to play, but in different ways, we like to be spoiled, we melt when someone offers us attention and gives us a smile on the face. We cry, we scream and sometimes we are so foolish.. 
So, what did you do for Children’s Day?

It would be very interesting to find out what is the most popular activity in this particular day from every country of this world, considering the culture, climate, activities and sports. I can imagine how different we see, act and feel about this ‘celebration’.
Before I even talk about my day, I would like to say that I adore children, I love to observe their behaviour, I love to make them laugh and I think it’s very important to know how to treat them properly because they are the future.
To be honest, today when I woke up, My intention was to study for driving license.

Suddently, my phone rings. My mom asks me to join her, a friend of her and a lovely little girl, my sister, to swimming pool. (Actually, my mom’s job is child’s care, so she is taking care an amazing girl, Dani, since she was few months old. Now she’s 2 years and a half and stays with us until someone will get in love with her and will proceed with adoption.) 

Regarding my mom’s proposal, I said yes immediately and I was ready in 20 minutes. Obviously.. better than study, always. (I would gladly study anything else, but driving license..).

Finally we got to the swimming pool and this was the best decision ever!! until ..

 Until.. the rain started!

Why? Because this beautiful, cheeky girl has planned to keep staying in the pool even if a storm, a tornado or snow fall would have come. Now deal with this!

Without going too much into details, I want to point out the fact that you need to make fun of any situation even if you find it bad, strange or humiliating. It’s always a good part. For instance.. we had a nice, small shower in the rain! And a walk in the rain.. or more like a marathon. I just love romance ! 

Now, at the end of my story, I would like to make a small mention and remind to all of you how much sadness and poorness is in this world right now.. so, please, when you have the chance to make someone happy just with one word, one touch or one piece of bread, take a moment and do it. When you see homeless people, remember that they are also children inside.. children that forgot how to smile and feel happiness. Just help as much as you can and take out that childish look hidden inside, deep into their souls.

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