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Puppies, yes or not ?

I didn’t write for long time. Guess why? I got a puppy! and this took all my spare time away.

I got a puppy and I already don’t have it anymore..

Long story, here you go 🙂

One day, more exactly on July 3rd, my dearest friend #andreeabota shared on Facebook a beautiful puppy for adoption, baby girl of 2 months and around 3 kilos. The second I saw her, I got in love. As I have never had animals before because my parents cannot accept the disadvantages of a pet (a lot of hair/ sometimes mess) in the house, this was my opportunity to get my first one, living on my own, all alone, saving a life that was left in a bag, thrown in a garbage basket..

The second day a took her and named her Ayn after Ayn Rand. She came all the way from Botosani, city in the north east of the country, far away from Bucharest.

These are our first pictures:

As the days passed, I got in love with her more and more. Even if I was not allowed to take her out because of vaccination period, she joined me at the seaside, in the park, but obviously I was carrying her in my arms with some small exceptions when I did not lose the opportunity to take pictures.


Suddenly, she became my happiness and I was so excited to come from work and see her. Ayn had a little hobby, to pee everywhere, even in my bed, and as I noticed, she really did not like the pad she was supposed to use for her ‘dirty things’ (now I need to change my parquet because is inflated and the smell doesn’t go away).

Every day when I came back from work she had a little surprise for me, something broken, something gnawed. Every single time. Now I definitely understood the responsibility of having a dog in your house, but I was loving it! Really!


All this time I had to visit the vet every 2 weeks for vaccinations.

The first time, my vet told me that Ayn will be at the maturity around 10 kilos – which was absolutely fine, the second time he told me that she will reach maybe 15 kilos or more, and the last time I found out she was already 7 kilos at 3 months and at the maturity will reach 25 kilos or more. This news was a disaster for both of us. Why? Because my place is 20 m square all together and because Ayn is an ‘outdoor dog’, she needs big space to play, she needs someone to be with her more than I do (9 hours per day at work) and my house was already destroyed. Now, after one month, she was already big and also a bit stressed because of the small place and my absence during the day. She needed to play and run all over. Because she was missing me a lot, when I was coming at home she wanted to play and she was showing a bit of aggressiveness by biting and growling.


Considering all these, even it was very hard for me to accept the situation, I decided to find a new, better parent for her. A person living in a house with big garden and the most important, someone in my area because I’m planning to visit her very often.

And I found him. Him, yes! Virgil, a very nice colleague from work, Game Tester on summertime at Ubisoft, 1st year of university and living close to me.

We keep in touch and he sends me pictures and videos every day.

Our last picture together at my place.


This is Ayn now, happy and full of life. Looking forward to see her soon ❤


The difference in 1 month



Finally my question is: Should we keep big dogs in our small houses? instead of offering them a better place that can bring the happiness and freedom they deserve and we do not understand..

If you love your pet, decide what is best for him, not what brings you satisfaction and happiness.

If you love all the animals,  and not only your pet, become vegetarian, sounds rational and correct, right? If you love animals, you do not eat them.

I love animals and, of course, now I want another puppy, but smaller, no more than 6 kilos when he reaches maturity. Another thing, very important, I do not want to buy a pedigree. Animals are not for sale and everyone knows how and why pedigrees/pure breeds are made. I will adopt one from the street, it doesn’t matter if it’s pure breed or half breed, all animals are cute. Just waiting for the perfect timing..


Talk soon:)

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