About Perception

                     World Midst is a public notebook where I share my thoughts and experience on various subjects, but ..

My focus goes on different perceptions, different cultures, different ideas.

We see all the news from distinct perspective, we see the beauty of world totally opposite, our various feelings might be similar or not, but despite all these, we are humans, despite our religion we all believe in love.

Share your secrets, they can be someone else’s rescue

I run this blog because I love to write, to share my ideas and to meet new people.
I say ‘meet’ because it’s the consequence of my project WOR(L)D IT, the base of this concept that, hopefully, will help me to know you better.
Through WOR(L)D IT, I invite you to write me any thought, situation, idea linked about a case where 2 people have different points of view/a certain culture/multinational relationships/ difference of perception/ issues in understanding another nation/ trouble in getting used with another country’s beliefs/ things we don not understand and we want to discuss, to know each other better and why not, to become friends?
Why did I choose this topic as being the main one for my blog?
Because after studying in a different country and getting to know so many different people, I realized that all these gaps we don’t know about each other make us fall apart, argue, fight, not only 1 by 1, but relating to history, millions by millions, country against country.
Just give us a chance 🙂

                                                                          About me

I am vegetarian, curious, around 75% extrovert, but also introvert from time to time, passionate about feelings, people, animals, nature, sport and health. 

In terms of music, I like electronic (deep techno, minimal), jazz,  rap, and any kind of dance-able music like latino, rock, pop, reggae. I love 90s. My favourite old-school bands are Modern Talking, The Fugees, Righteous Brothers, Michael Jackson, Simply Red, UB40, Barry White, Frank Sinatra, Rod Steward, George Michael, Richard Clayderman, Guns N’roses, Boney M, Robbie Williams, Eminem, Tupac, Whitney Huston, Tony Braxton, Andrea Bocelli and from the the new ones I can mention Dubtil, Barac, Priku, Arpiar, The Weeknd, Moonlight Breakfast, Beyonce, LP, Ed Sheeran, Coldlpay, Bruno Mars, Macanache, Dragonu, Daft Punk, Haarp Cord and many more.

As actors, I like Mickey Rourke and Margot Robbie. I always forget the name of movies, but as I remember, some of the ones I like are London, The Ghost, Gladiator, American History X, Requiem for a dream, Shutter Island, The Imitation Game.

I have studied Tourism Business Management at University of Birmingham and now I work in Tourism and Pr&Communication. I have 2 jobs and I love them. I have no time, I like parties, I also like weekends spent just with myself, I like beer (Guinness) and red dry wine, I live alone, I am struggling to get my driving license and I wish I could travel more.

I like to read a lot about Hitler. Don’t take it wrong, I do not agree with his actions, but for me he is an absolute mystery, a big dilemma.

My biggest interest stands in this completely strange and significant difference between people.
The diversity of expression, taste of food, quality of water, level of living, grade of emotions, distinct points of view, the power of feeling, desires and many more that I could possibly list here are some of the subjects I would like to discuss with you, you the world, you everyone, you the one reading this.

Basically, my purpose is to get into more detailed discussions about Tabula Rasa versus Innatism. Two opposite theories that make me wonder a lot.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Don’t forget that I am also looking forward to meet you, so WOR(L)D ME!

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