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Aphea meets the artists

May was all about art. Luxurious Villa Aphea located on Aegina Island, Greece, hosted an amazing art exhibition of two painters, Liviu Mihai and Maria Cismaru and two sculptors, Giulian Dumitriu and Misha Diaconu, all of them endowed with an impressive talent of expressing their emotions, thoughts and experiences through their work. Sebastien and Sylvie Delen, the… Continue reading Aphea meets the artists

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Not Nirvana, but the delight of permanent love

We need to learn how to heal ourselves. This is the freedom we can reach while being earth-born/mortal: always in love with something. Do what you feel, love with no boundaries, but with one condition: Meditate and be conscious that everything comes to an end. Learn how to jump over suffering even before you get into it.